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The Application

The application for adoption is a big deal.  We don’t know exactly what to compare it to.  It’s really two big things.  First,  it is saying yes to God’s plan in writing.  It is a commitment to parent the child he has picked out just for us.  Second, it is turning the key on the biggest adventure we have taken as a married couple to-date.  We’re in!  
We completed the paperwork in about a week and a half.  As part of the application process we each had to have a physical.  We found a doctor through Allina Health.  It is always a little scary picking out a new doctor.  God definitely had His hand in this one for sure because at the end of Kelly’s first visit the doctor shared that her and her husband adopted one of their daughters.  That was definitely another wink from God that He is with us every step of the way. 
Kelly snapped this cute photo of the paperwork before putting it in the mail on August 13, 2013.  

The Fingerprints

Two of our favorite adoption blogs (EBTIS) and (hispowermyweakness) both make some great comparisons between the stretch marks of pregnancy and the adoption process.

Let’s just say that our fingerprinting process required…patience. The fingerprinting process was painless, nothing like they show in the movies. The person who completed our first set of fingerprints told us to make sure and keep the receipt in case the agency completing our background study didn’t accept them (bad sign?).

“Two prints got smudged but would most likely pass,” he said. A few weeks later (again…patience) we received a letter in the mail that Kelly’s fingerprints were denied due to poor quality. “Just to clarify, I think my wife’s fingerprints are perfect” – husband.

We called to reschedule another fingerprint appointment and had to wait 3 weeks for an opening. The second time around we asked for two sets of fingerprints just to be on the safe side. As of 10/6 – still no word. Government shutdown? no. Checked that. State agency. They say they are “just backed up.”

Once our background checks clear we will be able to start the home study part of the adoption process.


The Decision and The Agency

The Decision to Adopt 

Our adoption story goes back a few years, but our first step started with making the decision to adopt. Honestly, we didn’t have to discuss it much. We just both felt that this was where our journey was taking us. During discernment we both felt God “winking” at us in various ways. Through the homilies on Sundays, scripture readings, billboards, radio, ect. The word “adoption” was all over the place. Decisions like this aren’t made overnight, but we felt confirmed in our decision very quickly. We began the endless Google searching and research and felt more excited every day. We still had a million questions and decided the best place to start was by attending a few orientation sessions.

Choosing an Agency 

The first major step for us was picking out the right agency. After knowing God was calling us to adopt a local infant, we felt that our own “backyard” was a good place to start. There are mothers right here in Minnesota who are choosing life and want to place their children in an adoptive family. After searching the internet, we were surprised to find a huge wealth of information on local agencies. We attended informational meetings for both Catholic Charities – St. Paul and Children’s Home Society. After more prayer and discernment we chose Catholic Charities. It was just the right fit.


About Us

The old train depot. Red Wing, MN

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

God makes wonderful plans. The challenge is in listening to His plan.

We got married on May 24th, 2008. We were very excited to start our family. Though it has not been easy, God has strengthened our relationship and our faith through infertility. We now know that God has a wonderful plan for growing our family and we look forward to seeing that plan unfold through the amazing journey of adoption.

We write this blog with the intention of keeping our family and friends up to date as our family grows. We will also be using this site to advocate for adoption.