Adoption Outreach Program

An outreach program is a proactive way that we can spread the word about our adoption plan in hopes of finding prospective birth parent(s). There are a ton of benefits to an outreach program. To us, the most important is the connection. A referral is a great place to start any friendship. Reducing the degrees of separation helps us form a connection with the birth parent(s). For example, “I met my child’s adoptive parents through a friend at church.”

How does an Outreach Program work?

1. Pray. “And Jesus answered saying to them, ‘Have faith in God.'” Mark 11:22. Read the rest of this chapter for a tasty morsel 🙂

2. Share. We need you to spread the word. Over the next several months there will be posts on this blog tagged “outreach.” While you can always share any of our posts, these specific posts are intended for you to share on your favorite social media sites.

3. Speak. Be ready for a conversation. If you are close to someone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy and is considering adoption, you can refer them to the following link. We are on the approved waiting families list.



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