A Tireless Persuit – An Advent Message

Yesterday was an important day for our family.  Our adoption home-study renewal.  On paper, it is a formality required annually to be “on the list.”  Emotionally, it is so much more.  It is not a re-commitment – it is a formal proclamation of our tireless pursuit of our child.  The child who we dream about, long for, and can’t wait to endlessly love.

Fitting that this is also the advent season.  A season that should remind all of us that we are tirelessly pursued.  While we wait for Christmas to come, God sits at his kitchen table.  He reflects on his mission of love, and proclaims his commitment to love us tirelessly by sending us his Awesome Son.  God’s social worker asks, “What will you name your Son?”  And with a sparkle in His eye He responds, “His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6

So let it be known to our child.  “We tirelessly pursue you. You who deserve life, a secure home, a mother and a father, and a place to find Jesus.”

Blessed Advent.



3 thoughts on “A Tireless Persuit – An Advent Message”

  1. His plan, our path. How lovely. I enjoyed reading “A tireless pursuit”. I have both of you and the little one that is to come in my prayers. I am praying that you have the love, the strength and the courage everyday to keep your steps purposefully on your journey, you both are so loved and adored there is nothing more that we can share except our hope and our faith.
    Love you, DeAnne

  2. Blessed are both of you because I know that the lord will give you a child for he sees your kindness and your patience don’t loose hope ever I love you both and I pray for you every day.
    Love Wendy Jo.

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