Summer Fun

It’s been a little quiet on our blog the past couple months.  We have been asked by several people for an update so here we go.  In regards to our adoption journey right now we are in the waiting phase.  We will be meeting with our new social worker soon.  We know that God continues to have a wonderful plan for growing our family.  While we wait to see His plan unfold we have had some fun and exciting events to kick off the summer.

Our first trip this summer was to Indianapolis.  Patrick had a work trip there and I was fortune to be able to join him.  One of my best friends lives there so I was super excited to be able to go along.  We decided to make it a road trip.  We arrived a couple days before Patrick’s work meetings so we were able to explore downtown Indy.  We walked to White River State Park, went to Easley Winery for a tasting and tour, and had dinner at a farm to table restaurant.  We also found a yummy chocolate shop in the Monument Circle shopping area called the Chocolate Cafe.  They have delicious dark chocolate mochas and ice cream.  What a treat!!!  People who know me well know that I LOVE ice cream and “foofoo” coffee!  Our last night in downtown Patrick took me on a horse carriage ride.  It looked like the carriage from the movie Cinderella.  I loved it!  The highlight of the trip was seeing my best friend Alicia and her husband Sean while we were in town.   We highly recommend visiting Indianapolis.  It was a blast!


Monument Circle


Beautiful day for a walk in White River State Park.


Carriage ride in Downtown Indy.


In the Press Box at Indy 500


Kelly and her best friend Alicia

We had an exciting trip to the ER once we returned from Indiana.  After some blood work and a CT scan we found out that Patrick needed to have emergency surgery to remove his appendix.  Thank God we were back from our road trip before that happened.  We were blessed to have an amazing surgeon for Patrick’s appendectomy.  Patrick is healing well and feeling better each day.

Last weekend we celebrated Patrick’s Grandma Mary’s 90th birthday.  She is an amazing woman!  It was fun celebrating with the entire family.  We got to spend some good quality time with Patrick’s sister Gina and her family while they were in town which was really nice.


We have some other fun upcoming events this summer.  First, we have our niece Domenica’s baptism in Colorado Springs this coming weekend.  We have been asked to be her God-parents which is a huge honor.  We are really excited to be apart of her relationship with Jesus and welcome her into the Catholic Church.  We also have a fun 4th of July get together at my Aunt Kathy’s.  Patrick loves fireworks and he will get to light off a bunch of them at the family party.  Oh, BOY!

Thanks for your continued prayers during our adoption journey.  We truly appreciate it!

God Bless, K&P