A Change of Heart

We lost our little boy last night due to change of heart.  He was picked up around 7:00pm yesterday by our social worker to be brought back to his birth mother who has decided to parent after 27 days as our son. 

A mentor of ours said, “love is never lost.”  Those words mean so much to us right now.  The love that we poured into his life doesn’t disappear into a deep abyss.   The love is permanently engraved into his soul.  Even more is his love for us.  Sometimes people belittle the capabilities of an infant, speaking of their limited eyesight, hearing, and the difference between a “real” smile and gas. 

I tell you from this experience the ability to bond with love to a parent goes far beyond any sense or physiologic capability.  The way he looked at us is something we will never forget.  Today adults struggle to love.  A lesson they could take from a little baby.

Thank you for sharing in our grief and for supporting us moving forward.  Tonight we take our family and friends up on their offer to help.  We ask you tonight for a favor; cherish and savour all of the gifts your children give you minute by minute.  Hold them and speak to them like a mature soul.  Let them know how proud you are of them and how great you think they are.


1 thought on “A Change of Heart”

  1. Patrick, You and Your Family have been and always will be in My Prayers. You are right! GOD has a plan. You are an Awsome person and will make a wonderful Parent. God Bless!

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