Baby News Live!

In the last couple weeks we have been meeting with a local birth mother. She is a real hero for choosing life and we are so blessed to have met her.

As of 2/6 we have officially been chosen! What a great word. CHOSEN!

We thought it would be fun to have a “live feed” of these very exciting days. You can check back on this site for any updates. Some of them might be silly, but its more fun to provide daily updates – even when there is no news.

2/13 – Official due date
2/13 7:00 AM – Off to work. No news yet.
2/14 12:00 AM – Valentine’s Day. Excited for our sweetheart!
2/15 12:00 AM – Better come soon if he hopes to get any ice fishing in. JK 😉
2/16 8:30 AM – Could this be our last Mass as a family of two?
2/17 6:00 AM – Off to work. “snow” baby yet.
2/18 6:00 AM – 5 days overdue! So excited!
2/19 6:00 AM – Maybe he’s waiting for the snow to melt…
2/20 6:00 AM – Could we have a blizzard baby?
2/21 6:00 AM – Not a blizzard baby 🙂
2/22 6:00 AM – No baby yet. Probably waiting for roads to clear.
2/23 6:00 AM – No baby yet. NOW maybe our lass Mass as a family of two?
2/24 6:00 AM – Good things come to those who wait
2/25 6:00 AM – No baby yet…but stay tuned in!
2/25 12:30 PM – News today! Stay tuned for delivery day updates
2/25 8:30 PM – Delivery progressing and a very long day for hero birth mom. No baby yet. News in the morning.
2/26 7:00 AM – No word yet on last night’s progress
2/26 12:30 PM – Matthew was born last night! Birth mom and Matthew are healthy. We will be meeting our son tonight! Stay tuned!

Birth Date: 2/25
Time: 11:56 PM
Weight: 7lb 14 oz
Length: 20.75″

2/26 – 5:00 – at hospital
2/26 – 6:20 – We meet our beautiful baby! He is gorgeous!
2/27 – 4:30 – Little man is home sweet home


Gender Reveal Party

On Sunday, February 9th we hosted a gender reveal party at our house.  We ordered a cake from Byerly’s and invited family and friends over to find out the gender of the baby.
It’s a BOY!!!  

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I also had a gender reveal snack for my students on Monday, February 10.  They were very excited to find out the gender of the baby.  They all cheered when I held up the piece of cake with blue frosting.  It was so much fun celebrating with them.