Baby Shower and Poker Night

God has placed so many wonderful people in our lives.  Patrick and I feel so very blessed!

The weekend of Jan. 18th – 19th Patrick and I celebrated with some of our dear family members and friends.  Patrick’s co-worker Burt hosted a Poker Night for the guys on Saturday, Jan. 18th.  It was a fun way for the guys to celebrate our adoption journey.  The guys all had a great time!

On Sunday, Jan. 19th my good friend Tori hosted a friends baby shower.  It was so much fun!  I especially liked the game where we had to diaper and dress a baby doll with a blindfold on.  Thank goodness we don’t normally wear a blindfold when changing and dressing a baby.  I had the 3rd fastest time… Yay, mama!

Thanks to all who helped celebrate on these special days for baby and family.


To Those Who Wait

As we wait for the Lord to place a child in our arms it makes us reflect on the spiritual component of waiting.  Throughout our lives we all have to wait for something.  We wait patiently in line at the store, we wait for Christmas to come for that special gift, or we wait for a loved one to return home from being away.  The feeling of waiting to be chosen as birth parents has something powerfully unique about it.  The word “longing” fits perfect.  When you long for something, you wait from your heart – and not your head.  There is a space inside of you just waiting to be filled.

It’s not a painful longing.  It is a sustained excitement and wonder intensified by the love we have for the soul we wait to meet.   The immeasurable gift of God’s creation teamed with the intensity of knowing the special role the Holy Spirit plays in the building of our family. In His love, He adopts to us a unique soul, just as one is adopted into every family whether through the agency or through the womb.
The way this song speaks to our adoption and our longing is immeasurable.  In the following song Bethany Dillon speaks of waiting on the Lord. 

“Lord, today You know what I need to do,  But You can do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do.”