This Christmas…

Kelly and I started a tradition last year of writing what we are thankful for on the cutoff stump from our Christmas tree.  This year we are especially thankful for Catholic Charities and our social worker, Mary. 

We are so appreciative of the care and attentiveness Mary has shown us throughout our adoption journey.  Regardless of what happens in our journey, we are ready to embrace it.  A big part of that is due to the support that Mary and Catholic Charities shows us.  We feel really proud this Christmas that we chose Catholic Charities based on the guidance we received from the God we celebrate in such a big way this Christmas.  

Now to find a stump.  We brought up our artificial tree from the basement this year 🙂 

Baby Registry

Now that we are officially in the waiting phase on to the fun part!  Nursery, baby registries, strollers, cribs, and more!  We have been having a lot of fun!  Kelly has been “pinning” up a storm for nursery themes, colors, and cute decals. Patrick has been prepping the room for painting and learning the vast world of baby items.  Including the finer points of diaper genies.  After a dynamic sales pitch, we registered for the “elite” version of this baby-poop disposal device.  Our baby’s poopie diapers will be disposed of with 5 layer odor barrier technology!  Glorious!

In case you don’t know what a diaper genie is…click here
One of the interesting things about adoption is you never know when your going to get the call that you have been selected by a birth parent.  We could get a call tomorrow and just like that we need to be prepared for having a baby home in a month or even less. 

Starting our registry – 11/30/2013