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Adoption Mass

What a wonderful night!  We celebrated National Adoption Day by attending a special adoption Mass at St. John Neumann church in Eagan.  The mass was beautiful and the homily was perfect.  Fr. Jaspers reminded us that God chose us specifically.  He reached out and found us.  He called us to join His family destined for His kingdom.  He adopted us. 

Celebrate National Adoption night by remembering that you are chosen and adopted by our loving Creator.  Please say a special prayer tonight for the families who are placing children for adoption and for the families that are waiting to adopt. 

Here is a great song for reflection. 

To those who wait by Bethany Dillon

Grandma Mary, adoption advocate, with her cute Love Adoption button.


Home study complete

We had our final home study today. We will officially be in the family book on Monday, Nov. 18. The book is what birth parent(s) use when choosing an adoptive family.

In other words, tonight is a night to celebrate! 

We pray tonight for the birth parent(s) who are choosing life. We thank them for their courage.

More fun updates to come.  Getting the nursery ready.  Also, some people have asked  great questions about our adoption and we would love to answer these on a post. FAQ coming soon!


Adoption Home Study 2/3

Our second home-study was on 10/28.  We made big progress and only have a little bit left.  Once again it was a great experience.  We got to talk about things like family traditions, support systems, and our parenting styles.  We feel very blessed to have a great social worker who is thorough but at the same time makes the experience special. 

And we got homework…

Due at our final home visit is our profile page and “dear birth parent(s)” letter.  This is the letter that will be read by the birth parent(s) when selecting an adoptive family.  Let us first say, we have never had to write anything this difficult IN OUR ENTIRE LIVES!!!  You would think writing about yourself wouldn’t be so hard but…ugh.  Between our excitement and our anticipation we have deleted and re-typed paragraphs about a million times.  Last night we bit off a big chunk.   We said a prayer asking for God to give us words to speak and “let ‘er rip.”

One of the funny moments was how it took us back to English class.  How do you write about yourself as a couple but not in the third person? First and third person?  Do we write an outline? We are over thinking it…

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