The Application

The application for adoption is a big deal.  We don’t know exactly what to compare it to.  It’s really two big things.  First,  it is saying yes to God’s plan in writing.  It is a commitment to parent the child he has picked out just for us.  Second, it is turning the key on the biggest adventure we have taken as a married couple to-date.  We’re in!  
We completed the paperwork in about a week and a half.  As part of the application process we each had to have a physical.  We found a doctor through Allina Health.  It is always a little scary picking out a new doctor.  God definitely had His hand in this one for sure because at the end of Kelly’s first visit the doctor shared that her and her husband adopted one of their daughters.  That was definitely another wink from God that He is with us every step of the way. 
Kelly snapped this cute photo of the paperwork before putting it in the mail on August 13, 2013.  

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